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Sarah Palin Exits Right

29 January 2013 5 Comments

Roger Ailes, the wizard of Fox News knows what sells. And it seems that Sarah Palin isn’t a hot commodity any more.  She was the GOP’s distaff voice of “no,” railing against the “lame stream media,” President Barack Obama and just about everything that happened since she and John McCain lost in 2008.  But the hockey mom didn’t turn on the red light for audiences and so she and Fox called it quits.

The problem? Palin never learned how to carry a conversation. Whether she was on the Q side or the A side of media interviews, the verbal volleys were not sustained or satisfying. She was thin-skinned, usually failing to see other views which helps to keep things interesting. It was all opinion. Hers.  And it didn’t help that Palin often misspoke and mangled her sentences.  Four years on, she sounded the same. If you didn’t like Palin then, you still didn’t like her. Even with a huge electronic platform, she lost momentum.

Palin may have underestimated what it takes to be a broadcast star. She didn’t work hard enough to present herself in dozens of verbal encounters. It reminded us that Palin quit three colleges before she graduated from one and that she quit being Governor of Alaska before her term was up. Sarah Palin set newsrooms ablaze and she may again.  Sadly, she missed the moment history gave her to be relevant.

Posted by Media Trainer Bodine Williams.




  • Fran Boyce said:

    Sarah Palin will not be missed

  • Joan Kessey said:

    Sarah Palin just throws it out and hopes she grabs attention. That’s what it always been about for her: speak first and the thinking is optional. I enjoy your blog posts.

    Joan Kessey

  • Jay Lazeur said:

    Sarah likes attention but she can’t take the heat so it’s back to Alaska. Let’s enjoy the break while it lasts. Roger Ailes sure has a collection of wingnuts in his shop.

  • bryon ma said:

    Hi Bodine,

    Your site looks great. Enjoyed reading the posts. When will I be able to buy your book?

    Cheers, Byron

  • gavin moss said:

    In Palin’s case less is definitely more. Guess the teaparty is even tired of their own creature. What you say about conversations is interesting, but she’d have to listen for that to happen.