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Media Training with a Focus on Messages

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Avoiding those deer-in-the-headlight moments *

You’re about to make an important investment. The media trainer you select gains access to your key people and key concerns as they assume the role of trusted advisor. So how do you know if they have the goods to help your spokesperson ace an interview? Here are seven things to consider.

  1. Has the session been customized to your needs? I study your media presence and marketing materials to create a signature experience. One size fits all does not work when it’s your brand that’s speaking.
  2. Who trained the trainer? Like me, the most experienced ones have learned to put clients through the paces while working at top-tier public relations firms where earned media is based on the skill of organizational storytelling.
  3. How experienced is the trainer? When the stakes are high, experience matters. Why not work with a trainer who has been a spokesperson and the crisis team leader in organizations like yours?
  4. Does your media coach have a journalism background? A trainer who has been a reporter doesn’t have to wonder how words become sound bites or how they’ll play out in the newsroom.
  5. Do they have a track record for crafting messages that resonate? You should expect the trainer to flag inconsistencies in messages. That’s what your critics will do. It’s not only about spotting what’s wrong; I’ll show you how to fix it.
  6. What about the training method? I’m in the business of conferring confidence. That means keeping it simple. Memorizing acronyms and other devices clutter the mind. Media training shouldn’t feel like cramming for exams. It’s a team-building, career-enhancing experience.
  7. Is the emphasis on multiple rounds of practice interviews? If not, your team will be spouting talking points regardless of what’s being asked. That’s not credible or effective. Actually, it’s a result of bad training

Media coaching that delivers: message development expertise,  strategic counsel and, judgment.

Media Training fees are based on the number of participants and the length of the session.  You can request a sample agenda for full or half-day trainings.  

(Image by Michael Frith)