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Cannabis Communication Services

The Canadian Cannabis Communications Group (CCCG)

Although cannabis has been used for thousands of years, its therapeutic benefits are still new to the majority of physicians and patients. A 2013 landmark decision by the Canadian government granting licenses to companies to legally produce and sell medical cannabis gave rise to the creation of a highly competitive industry with global ambitions.

The medical marijuana industry set the stage for the legal production, distribution and sale of recreational marijuana targeted for July 1, 2018. Anticipation of a rapidly expanding marijuana sector has led to important developments: it forces a conversation on the role and future of cannabis that is meaningful to Canadian consumers, and it raises issues about access, oversight, safety and how best to educate the public.

These events unfold as Health Canada declares prescription opioids overdoses a public health crisis. Chronic pain is the epidemic within the epidemic, with physicians still relying on opioid therapy given the lack of data on the strength, dose, and how best to administer cannabinoids. Meanwhile, studies suggest that the public is moving toward accepting medical cannabis as a less addictive alternative.

We provide expert counsel to Canada’s fastest growing industry.

The Canadian Cannabis Communications Group (CCCG) draws on decades of experience in the consumer and medical communication field. Our in-depth knowledge of patient and medical education is complemented by our grasp of the complex regulatory environment that governs marketing communications to consumers, patients and physicians.

We work with our clients to communicate effectively and with transparency, manage issues and crisis situations, develop compelling messages, and anticipate trends while setting the standard for a fresh challenge in science-based communications.

We are Experienced. Knowledgeable. Responsive. Strategic.

The CCCG is at the forefront of the cannabis discussion, helping some of Canada’s largest medical cannabis producers to successfully engage with investors and the media. We offer specialized communication services in the medical cannabis industry—the new frontier in pain management.

As Canada’s most experienced and knowledgeable team of professional communicators in the cannabis space, we provide a suite of skills to meet the critical needs of stakeholders in the medical and recreational cannabis industry.