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Approach media interviews with confidence

Specializing in custom media training and coaching for business executive, government officials and other professionals, I brings my news room experience to those preparing for crisis communications. My experience as a journalist provides an insider’s perspective on how the media operates, how reporters think, and the best way to respond to interview questions. My goal is to prepare you to perform in the real world—not to memorize lines from a media training manual. Whether for a new job or a public hearing, interviews all about credibility. That’s why I ask the tough questions before someone else does.

What does a media training strategy provide?

Together we will create the messages that clarify your intentions. These messages provide a strategic framework for any and all the questions you could be asked, preparation for any event or situation. Before a training session, I will review your marketing-communications materials to identify and evaluate weaknesses and strengths.

Media training provides:

  • A plan for avoiding mistakes in media interviews.
  • Knowledge of your interview ‘rights’.
  • Understanding of the interview process and what interviewers are looking for.
  • Training on crafting of compelling messages.
  • Preparation for common threats to media relations.
  • Strategies for improving your organizations overall media relations.

Who is media training for?

Media relations is more than ever before. Your messages can be posted online and shared to a larger audience, making it even more important to prepare for interviews.  A media interviews is an opportunity if you’re prepared. Whether you have little to no experience with the  media, or you’re a seasoned communicator, everyone can find room for improvement.

Sign up for Toronto Media Training

If you’re ready to master  your interview performance and media messaging strategy contact me. Waking together, you will learn how to navigate high-stake interviews, hearings and debates in your own words.

Media Training fees are based on the number of participants and the length of the session.  Ask to see a sample agenda for full and half-day training sessions.