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Media Training for Executives and Individuals

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Tony Hayward/The Sunday Times

“My media training model anticipates what’s likely to go wrong during an interview and that goes a long way toward instilling confidence.”

Today’s corporate leader must also be a communicator-in-chief. In fact, every organization is communication business first and foremost.

Tony Hayward became a poster child for fatal sound bites that hurt the brand. Hayward was an ace geologist before he was named CEO of British Petroleum. He  could have survived BP’s Deep Horizon rig explosion if he had survived the character test during his media interviews and public hearings. Why would a leader complain to a reporter in such personal terms: “There’s no one who wants this over more than I do. I’d like my life back.” Hayward got his wish a year later.

Media Training Rule #1: Interviews are as much about what you know as how you present yourself. They reveal character, which is why they matter. By linking conduct to standard media-training techniques, my training model addresses the whole person. It allows clients to find an authentic, yet strategic, voice and the confidence to perform well

To take an important example, my clients learn the importance of knowing when to get personal and when not to. If I ask the Chairman of Barnes & Noble what he’s reading, he better have a book in mind (he did). The CEO of IKEA should respond in a flash when asked if furniture in his home is anchored as he advises (it is). Often it’s the small stuff that does the most damage.

The key to mastering an interview is knowing what to expect.

It’s not only the words, but also the person behind the words. Conduct goes to credibility. Audiences want to know if they can trust you. If you’re a senior manager or a job applicant, interviews are tests of character especially under the spotlight.  Work with a media coach who will show you how to combine knowledge with emotional intelligence.

Media coaching for executives that delivers: 

  • message development expertise that moved beyond talking points to strategic storytelling.
  • insights on what is likely to go wrong during a Q & A, based on the most memorable interviews.
  • counsel from a media coach who spent 15 years in television newsrooms as a reporter and interviewer
  • judgment calls from someone who’s stood in front of the microphone as a spokesperson for global brands.

Media Training fees are based on the number of participants and the length of the session.  You can request a sample agenda for full or half-day training sessions.