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A specialty PR firm providing high-impact media strategies in crisis management, spokesperson training and science-based healthcare initiatives.This includes critical experience in healthcare around consumer, patient and medical education. My communication skills were honed as a national television reporter and as a global spokesperson on the front line in over 30 countries. Good judgment fuelled by experience is behind every decision made on behalf of clients.


It takes know-how to head off a crisis—or better yet, to prevent one. We do both.
When a death occurred during a clinical trial there was concern, but no panic. We implemented a ready-to-go crisis protocol that linked the correct action with how it was communicated. I helped a pharma client making headlines for marketing “the most dangerous” drug by changing the focus from a single opioid to issues around pain management. You can’t control the media but you can shape context and the narrative of the story.


The time-tested principles of media training are customized to prepare spokespeople to master interviews. Our message development expertise takes your Q & A beyond canned talking points to strategic storytelling in the digital age. And while knowledge is important, good interview conduct is the key that garners trust. We demonstrate what’s likely to go wrong by asking the tough question before they do. Our coaching builds confidence for when it counts.


Partnering with the Canadian Cannabis Communication Group (CCCG), we provide specialized services for the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Our in-depth knowledge of medical education and consumer health communication is complemented by our grasp of the complex regulatory environment that governs the marketing of marijuana.  As Canada’s most experienced team of media advisors in the cannabis space, we offer a suite of skills including issues and crisis management, for producers and distributers seeking to successfully engage key stakeholders.


Brands must excite, educate, persuade and advocate. It takes strategic messages to give a brand a voice as distinctive as a logo. Cross-functional communication teams write for different audiences: marketing to consumers, public relations to media, and human resources to employees. This invariably leads to message fragmentation across traditional and social media platforms. With our tools and proven methods, your teams will communicate more effectively, coherently, and a greater sense of purpose.